Instantly make beautiful screenshots

Take a screenshot 👉 save. And you've got a beautiful screenshot ready to share. It's that quick and easy.

Native app for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and the Web

No credit card & sign-up required 👍

No design skills required

NexSnap saves you time by automagically creating a beautiful screenshot with a nice background so you don't have to. A perfect tool for founders and entrepreneurs who often share data visuals.

Beautiful backgrounds to choose from

Add a cool 3D Tilt effect for depth

Size & ratio presets for your target medium

Device mockups for mobile & desktop apps made easy

Photo filters for cool effects

Search and apply image backgrounds from Unsplash

Gradient backgrounds + custom gradients

Colored-shadows for a beautiful contrast

Powerful mark up tools for annotations

NexSnap is free to download

It's time to install NexSnap on your preferred device and start making awesome snaps 🔥.


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(.exe) installer

iPhone / iPad

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via Web Browser


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Design screenshots on the go

With the NexSnap mobile app, you can do pretty much the same functions as the desktop app.

Available on iPhone, iPad, Android phones, and tablets.

Try the NexSnap web app

Don't have time to install the native app right now? Try the NexSnap web app which provides 99% of the functionality as the desktop version. Press the start button below to get started.


Everything you need


NexSnap is available for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and the Web. All in a unified design.

High Performant

NexSnap delivers a super-fast editing experience. Thanks that NexSnap is compiled to native code.

Flexible Captures

Capture a specific region, a window, or the full screen. System integrated.


Switch between Light & Dark theme according to your preference.


Use keyboard shortcuts for quicker actions. Example: ⌘⇧+C to export a copy to clipboard ready for pasting

Drag & Drop

Quickly import your image by using drag and drop functionality.

Watch NexSnap in pure action

What users say about NexSnap

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“There are many screenshot apps, but @NexSnap has all the features and you can use it on all platforms: web, mobile, and desktop 🤯. The best part is that you can create great-looking 3D transitions, and phone Mockups for your app, all matching the right size for any social. Love it 😍👏🏻“

Peter Kowalczyk
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“Nexsnap is an all-in-one screenshot app that makes your screenshots look fantastic and gives you many customization options. So whether you’re looking for a quick way to share content, a quote, on social media or a blog, Nexsnap has you covered!“

Nilesh Mathure -
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“Best for Designers NexSnap makes it easy to beautify your screenshots. I love the feature of adding backgrounds like gradient colors or images from unsplash. I also like how you can tilt your images and add borders to it. It really brings life to your snaps.“

Kate 🌸
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“NexSnap helps you create beautiful, professional-looking screenshots in seconds - with no design skills required. It's the fastest and easiest way to take and modify screenshots the way you want. It's a great and helpful app to have in your arsenal. “

Rajesh Namase
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“I took an awesome screenshot with @nexsnap by @oliverbytes

It is my go to app to get a screenshot as it is easy, and able to share it directly here on Twitter and all other social media platforms.

Love it.❤ #nexsnap“

Zeng | No-code | Mandarin
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“Nexsnap has to be one of the go-to tools in my productivity stack. It's a really great screenshot design tool that can help you create designer mockups and offers a lot of amazing features that your native screenshots won't offer.“

Harshit Khemani
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“Been using @nexsnap for a few days now on Windows...and ... wow!! Very fluid, very easy to use. Didn't take me long to decide to make it my 'go to' app for taking screenshots.. Goodbye snagit!“

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“It’s so easy to share screenshots with NexSnap! I love that It’s available in so many platforms with lots of options for customization. It helps me be more productive and efficient in my marketing plans for my brand.“

Armando Jimenez
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“I so glad I found NexSnap for annotating screenshots I make! I've tried a lot of different tools and they all lack some feature to make them "The one tool to annotate them all". Now I have NexSnap.“

Juha Sälli
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“After having been "homeless" for about a year, working from my Macbook, I finally settled back, and I am now using a desktop PC. Since most screenshot beautifiers are Mac or Chrome focused, I had to find another alternative, and that's how I found NexSnap. Now, I am back to taking beautiful screenshots in seconds without having to open Photoshop. Getting NexSnap was a lifesaver, and the amazing part of it, is that it's compatible with all my other OS and devices, so I don't need to learn any other tool. I highly recommend it to anyone, and this is a must if you have multiple OS or devices. Just get it, you won't regret it!“

Hugo Hamel
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“I've been using

@nexsnap for quite a while now, and I would say this is my go-to "designer" screenshot app! It allows me to make my screenshots next level in seconds. One fave is it can be used with almost all platforms available on whatever device you are in! How cool is that?“

Gian Dojo
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“I've never seen anything like NexSnap before. I can make designer screenshots in literally less than a second and be able to share them directly. Super beautiful screenshots! It's also available on Desktop, Mobile, and the Web, which is sweet whether you're on the go or at the office. It is super-fast and snappy itself. Perfect for making beautiful screenshots in no time. Kudos!“

John Bryan R. Birondo
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“I've been using @nexsnap for a few days, but I'm already in love with it. Now I can create fantastic screenshots to share with customers or on social. Another top daily tool if you are developing something🤩“

Igor Zanella
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“I never realized how much the world needed NexSnap! The ease and speed of reposting a tweet is truly unbelievable! It's as easy as hitting the share button after a screenshot is taken. I took a screenshot encompassing a short thread, and NexSnap magically made it the perfect size to post to my stories! Love this app! Great work!“

Mia B Jackson
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Hi, I'm Oliver Martinez

I'm the 1-man developer of NexSnap. An indie developer since 2013. If you want to see my journey, follow me on Twitter @oliverbytes

If you enjoy @NexSnap, I will be more than happy if you share it with others

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